Verve Kick Boxing Bromsgrove

Kickboxing Classes

Children’s Class

We understand how important choosing the right activity for your child can be, and how difficult that choice is to make!

As a parent, we want our children to have the tools to succeed in life, and the ability to protect them from peer pressure, and bullying. This can make any parent feel overwhelmed with anxiety and stress.

We are your solution!

At Verve Kickboxing, our Children’s martial arts program is the perfect companion to help you raise a strong and confident leader, teaching confidence, focus & self-defence skills.

We reinforce all the positive behaviours your children learn from you and within their school environment.

Our Award Winning Children’s Classes starts from 4 years of age. Our Instructors are highly Qualified and Enhanced DBS checked, ensuring your little ones are having the absolute best training in a safe environment.

Family Class

Our Family classes welcome all ages and abilities. The popularity of these sessions reflects our Family Focussed ethos.

You do not have to be training with your family to join in on the Family Class, this is for all ages and grades.

These high energy classes are fun and suitable for all, covering all aspects of our Kickboxing Syllabus and more.

We have children working out with their parents, couples and friends of all ages training and learning together which creates the most amazing atmosphere for everyone within the session.

Ladies Only Class

Our Ladies Only Kickboxing classes consist of a combination of Kickboxing Pad work, Fitness sets and Self Defence.

They are designed for women wanting to grow in confidence, get fit, lose weight, learn martial arts skills, make new friends, and have a laugh along the way! The list in endless!

We focus on helping students build their self-esteem, discipline and determination levels which can all lead them to improve other areas of their life, be this at work, school or with family.

Elements of kickboxing such as controlled punching and kicking can work wonders to alleviate feelings of frustration and anger. The movements also improve the student’s balance, flexibility and endurance.

Our Qualified Female Instructors are passionate to help you every step along the way no matter what your goals are

Adult Class

Get fit, learn skills, make friends and have fun!

Our adult classes are for men and women from 13 years of age and all shapes and sizes. (You do not need any prior knowledge of Martial Arts to join our class)

Our classes are run by Mr Trevitt and Miss Swift, who will help you to get the most out of every class. Designed to educate students in self-control, self-respect and goal setting, combined with perseverance and determination.

Our challenging syllabus encourages mental and physical development which offers exciting and energetic classes that inspire our students in everyday life.

Our classes also help to reduce and relieve stress. Our rigorous workouts with controlled punching and kicking movements can do wonders for feelings of frustration and anger. It can also improve balance, flexibility, coordination and endurance.